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The Many Faces of
Van Helsing
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Babylon 5:
Invoking Darkness
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Casting Shadows
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The Science of
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The Science of
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Babylon 5:
The Shadow Within
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Decalog 5: Wonders
"Negative Space"
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Realms of Fantasy
Guest Editorials
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The Urbanite
"Family Affair"
Horror Short-short Story


  • I'm continuing revisions on my next novel, Fatal Spiral. I've reached the end of Act 2 (out of a total of three acts), so I'm closing in on the home stretch. Of course, once I have this draft done, it will be time to get some critiques of the whole thing and then dive into a final round of revisions. I think it is a much more thrilling thriller than when it began. I've had several big revelations recently on scene structure and how to handle antagonists, so that's exciting and should make for a better novel.

    The novel explores the degree to which our genes affect our behavior, thoughts, and emotions. Are you feeling happy today? Is that because you are "really" happy, or is it because your genes program your body to release certain chemicals that stimulate areas of your brain that make you feel happy?

    APPEAL FOR HELP: My main character is bipolar (manic-depressive). If you are bipolar and don't mind sharing some of your experiences, please contact me.

    ANOTHER APPEAL FOR HELP: I'm also looking for more experts in the fields of biotech, genetics, embryology, and obstetrics. If you're willing to answer various novel-related questions, please contact me.

  • I've finalized arrangements for the Summer 2014 session of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. It will be held from June 9-July 18 in Manchester, New Hampshire. We'll have two amazing writers-in-residence this year: Melanie Tem and Steve Rasnic Tem. Melanie is one of the best writing teachers I've ever encountered. Steve is widely considered one of the top short fiction writers in the field of the fantastic. Guest lecturers include award-winning authors Elizabeth Hand, Catherynne M. Valente, Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, and Alexander Jablokov; and editor Gordon Van Gelder. I'm currently reading applications. The application deadline is April 8. You can also sign up for the Odyssey e-newsletter, if you want to receive information about future workshops, online classes, and other writing resources we offer.

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