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Babylon 5 novel Summoning Light cover
Babylon 5: Summoning Light

Babylon 5: Summoning Light
Book 2 of The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy ; by Jeanne Cavelos;
Based on an original outline by J. Michael Straczynski; Del Rey; NY; 356 pp.; paperback; $6.99 US, $9.99 Can.
ISBN 0-345-42722-X

Praise for Babylon 5: Summoning Light

Book 2 of The Passing of the Techno-Mages trilogy

"Shocking. . . . Dark in tone, with considerable tragedy and sorrow. . . . Worthy of keeping and re-reading."
"An excellent novel in its own right regardless of its BABYLON 5 connection. Furthermore, this is the perfect novel for BABYLON 5 viewers who have previously resisted reading the novels. . . . An exceptional novel and an intriguing addition to the BABYLON 5 mythos. The reader can not help but experience the deep emotions of Galen and Elric evoked by Jeanne Cavelos' marvelous writing."
"Highly entertaining, well written and adds further depth to the BABYLON 5 universe. . . . By adding back-story and additional details, Jeanne Cavelos has created depth and character development that benefits both this novel, and the original TV episode! Clarifies, enlightens and intrigues. . . . Highly Recommended."
"A high point, not only in the world of B5 fiction, but also in the TV tie-in book industry in general. Cavelos' gripping narrative style deftly navigates the complex world of Straczynski's vision. . . . If Cavelos can bring this kind of powerful storytelling to the world of TV tie-ins, one can only guess how exciting it would be to get original work from his author."
"Delightful. . . . Cavelos has created a story of such proportion and urgency. . . . [Galen] finds himself confronted with an electrifying revelation that changes everything he believes, taints all that he cherishes, and shatters his faith in the techno-mages and their cause. (It spins the reader's head around, too!) Once again, Cavelos impresses with storytelling that demonstrates substance and skill. Never taking the cheap and easy route, Cavelos . . . examines the risks and costs of power, delivering genuine thrills, and not a few shocks, along the way. It's an extraordinary read even for those who may not necessarily be fans of the show upon which the book is based."

Back Cover:

The explosive space epic continues, as the techno-mages come face-to-face with the devastating evil of the Shadows . . .

War against the Shadows is inevitable, and the ruling Circle has ordered the techno-mages into hiding. Many are unhappy with this decision--none more so than Galen, the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived. But the Shadows aren't Galen's only enemy--he is driven to hunt and kill Elizar, the traitor who murdered the beautiful mage Isabelle while Galen stood by helplessly, his hands tied by the Circle's sacred code he had sworn to follow.

Now a new mission awaits as the Circle contrives a plan that may enable the five hundred mages to escape without leaving a trace. Dispatched to the Shadow's ancient capitol to uncover the enemy's plans, Galen will find everything he so desperately seeks--including a shocking legacy that threatens to consume his very soul.


Book 1: Casting Shadows--March 2001
Book 2: Summoning Light--July 2001
Book 3: Invoking Darkness--December 2001

The Shadow Within, my first Babylon 5 novel,
serves as a sort of "prequel" to the trilogy.

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