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Some of My Work
  Van Helsing book cover 23k JPEG file  
The Many Faces of
Van Helsing
B5 book cover 23k JPEG file B5 book cover 23k JPEG file B5 book cover 23k JPEG file
Babylon 5:
Invoking Darkness
Media SF Novel
Babylon 5:
Summoning Light
Media SF Novel
Babylon 5:
Casting Shadows
Media SF Novel
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The Science of
Star Wars

The Science of
The X-Files

Babylon 5:
The Shadow Within
New Edition with New Cover!
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Decalog 5: Wonders
"Negative Space"
SF Novella
Realms of Fantasy
Guest Editorials
and Book Reviews
The Urbanite
"Family Affair"
Horror Short-short Story


  • I've received some great feedback on the manuscript of Fatal Spiral and am now engaged in what I hope will be my final round of revisions.

    APPEAL FOR HELP: My main character is bipolar (manic-depressive). If you are bipolar and don't mind sharing some of your experiences, please contact me.

    ANOTHER APPEAL FOR HELP: I'm also looking for more experts in the fields of biotech, genetics, embryology, and obstetrics. If you're willing to answer various novel-related questions, please contact me.

  • In my work as director of the Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust, I'm preparing our online class offerings for Winter 2018 and lining up guest lecturers for next summer's Odyssey Writing Workshop. You can sign up for the Odyssey e-newsletter if you want to receive information about future workshops, online classes, and other writing resources we offer.

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