Decalog 5 cover
Negative Space

Decalog 5: Wonders ; edited by Paul Leonard and Jim Mortimore; Virgin; London; 320 pp.; paperback; £5.99 UK, $5.99 US
ISBN 0-426-20515-4

Back Cover:

Following in the tradition of four previously highly successful and acclaimed short story collections, DECALOG 5 reveals all the strangeness and variety of human experience from the near future all the way to the end of time itself, in ten stories about the Wonders of the Universe.

From big to small, beautiful to evil: a river that spans the universe - and is slowly destroying it; a fungus that allows people to change the nature of reality; an eighth-century robot that answers all questions; and an artist whose final work is death.

As with previous Decalogs, the editors have sought out some of the best writing talent around, from established giants of SF to brilliant newcomers.


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